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Politics: Expectation vs Reality

I’ve been involved with political parties of one kind or another for almost ten years now — on and off, as my sanity ran out or was replenished. To help those who might be thinking of making a foray into the world of politics, I’ve made this handy chart.

Politics: expectation vs. reality
At one point, I was actually carrying around a bag full of bricks.

What I once thought politics would be like…

  • 45%: Table thumping political debates
  • 50%: Campaigning, doorknocking, drum-beating, etc…
  • 5%: Admin and gopher work

What politics is actually like…

  • 75%: Carrying heavy shit around
  • 20%: Bureaucracy
  • 4%: Glorified begging— I MEAN FUNDRAISING
  • 1% …politics?


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