The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist

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Argue Like The Australian

Inspired by Graham Young’s conflation of criticism with suppression of dissent, and also by John Quiggin’s response, I have written this handy guide so that everyone knows where they stand when arguing with something presented in The Australian.

IF YOU ARE... Not The Australian The Australian
...then using...
criticism is... an attempt at suppression our job
a counter argument is... an attempt to silence us our sacred duty
criticism backed by fact is... an attempt to oppress us grounds for dismissal
criticism of discourse is... [something about lattés and suppression] solely directed at "political correctness" strawman
defamation, hate speech is... publishable in the letters section a counter argument
comically hyperbolic ranting is... defamation, hate speech wait, I see what's going on here
public facts about an organisation is... comparable to genocide you're... this is ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO SILENCE US
public facts about a business is... comparable to puppy genocide STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!
verifiable information and sources is... definitely latté territory STOP TRYING TO OPPRESS US!

Hope that helps. If you want to be further silenced and oppressed, I’m afraid can’t help you without a national newspaper in which to publish your misguided ranting.


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