The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist

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The Duck

Written during a physics honours project about magnetism.

I have invented a new unit for the discipline of electromagnetism. It measures magnetic field flux intensity density strength, and its symbol is ‘R’ (halfway between a ‘B’ and an ‘H’ at the suggestion of Jane). Units of ‘R’ (at Annette’s suggestion) is the Duck (or anything that, when mumbled, can be mistaken for ‘Duck’).

Conversion is done by taking the value of ‘R’ and multiplying by 4π; unless the geometry of the system is a circle, in which case divide by 4π and take the cosine of the angle your coil makes with the moment of any magnetic material present. Add to this quantity the area-turn product over the space-time curvature, except where the Poynting vector is non-zero but perpendicular to the plane of the coil.

What this converts to I’m not entirely sure yet. Probably Φ.


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