Internet Bingo BINGO

Inspired by a Hoyden About Town rant about people failing to grok internet BINGO, and in the interest of defusing internet debates everywhere, I created a new bingo card to be used when someone complains about BINGO.

Internet bingo BINGO
Click for larger, more inflammatory image

Any comments, criticisms, spelling corrections, layout suggestions, accessibility concerns and high score attempts are welcome. I'm not particularly attached to any of those squares, so suggestions for completely different ones are also fine. (Yes, I know that technically this should be called Internet Bingo Response BINGO; no, that is not valid feedback.)

The "disprove with fiction" square was inspired by The Pursuit of Harpyness' coining of Bradshaw's Law.

Unlike most of my stuff, that image is public domain. Go nuts.

Added: Here's the SVG I used to make this (in Inkscape) is now attached. The title font is Beteckna and the font for the squares is Pakenham (both based on Futura).


tigtog's picture

Just went back to discussion that inspired my rant on Hoyden, the failing to grok proceeds apace.

Back to your card, and as I said over at my place:

“asks for the internet to be read out loud to disprove each square”


Jason Heeris's picture

It's amazing how it tends to snowball like that. People seem to take extra offence when a group they assume are humourless suddenly use frivolity on them.

Mandu's picture

Now you need Internet Bingo Bingo Bingo, so you can pre-emptively dismiss caricatured versions of legitimate criticisms of Internet Bingo Bingo, and soon afterwards you will need Internet Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo.

Jason Heeris's picture

[quietly draws cross through centre square]


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